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meet Suzanne


Sometimes Disney isn’t about the theme parks. It’s not about the crowds, or even getting that perfect picture, or rushing to your favorite mountain. Sometimes its about just being there. Being able to just sit back, relax and realize that you’re alive in the most Magical Place on Earth.

My love for Disney came from one of my first memories, The Wonderful World of Disney. The first time I ever saw Tinkerbell, I was enamored. I wanted to be Tinkerbell. As a child, I collected anything my mom would get me that was Disney. When I began university, I heard about the Disney College Work program and knew I had to be a part of it. After I completed my semester I knew that I did not want my Disney life to end. Therefore, I continued on as lead cast member for my new local Disney Store.

My experience grew with the company as I moved to California. I have lived from coast to coast and worked in the theme park industry for many years. I have seen the best and the worst of them all.

Aside from my love of Disney, travel and my work in the travel industry, I am a stay at home Mum of three amazing children, ages 22, 13, and 12. I also help my husband, who is an 18 year veteran firefighter, and part time deputy marshal, run our two other small businesses.


Our office is based out of our fun Victorian house that was built right before the turn of 20th century.


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