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Virgin Voyages Takes Cruise Cuisine to New Heights

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is rethinking the way people dine on board.

Always bringing fresh ingredients and made-to-order cooking to the table, Virgin’s foodie-approved eateries offer everything from food truck faves to ten-course feasts — perfect for crushing any craving. Virgin Voyages is committed to providing a culinary experience like no other at sea. With a focus on innovation and quality, their diverse selection of restaurants caters to every palate and preference. Whether you're in the mood for casual street food classics or a luxurious multi-course meal, Virgin Voyages has you covered. Each dish is carefully crafted by Michelin-starred chefs using the freshest ingredients and prepared to perfection, promising to satisfy even the most discerning food enthusiasts. So, prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey unlike any other, where every meal is an opportunity to indulge in delightful flavors and unforgettable dining experiences.

Get a little taste of the (very) good life at sea with over twenty eateries on board (with no buffets or big dining halls)!

Virgin offers six, yes...SIX! full-service restaurants on board with a variety of cuisine inspirations.


Mixing sophistication and nostalgia with stunning views of the ship’s trail, The Wake brings a modern twist to the classic chophouses of the mid-20th century. In fact, just entering The Wake is an event in and of itself. And once you've made your way down the grand staircase, you'll enter a world that harks back to the old steakhouse, three-martini-lunch days of Madison Avenue ad men. But, thankfully, with gender equality now and, you know, no cigar smoke.

In addition, this is one of two restaurant options for brunch/lunch.

Razzle Dazzle - FARE WITH FLARE

The go-to option for cool and casual dining on board – serving dinner, breakfast and… dramatic head turn...all day boozy brunch.

So your best friend wants something healthy, and you want…sunny side hash? This is the place. Boasting a bold interior and a daring new dinner menu, this happening spot offers our creative twist on some classic American comfort go-to’s. Razzle Dazzle strikes a culinary sweet spot between balance and decadence, with a menu that skews partly toward veggie-conscious dishes, and partly toward meats, sweets, and gluttonous treats.


Inspired by Mexico’s red-hot culture and sexy food scene, the experience at Pink Agave goes far beyond the usual taco. Shareable, social, and spicy — it transports you to the vibrant streets of Mexico City on an immersive odyssey of local cuisine. With our Crew to take you on a highly curated dining journey, the largest selection of tequila and mezcal at sea, and DJ beats to amp up the energy, we won’t judge if you order one of everything… and end up dancing on tables by the end of the night.


If you're into hands-on meat grilling and soju drinking, our Korean BBQ is the perfect spot to do all that with maximum social engagement (IRL, of course, but feel free to 'gram it if you want). Interactive, energetic, and really fun, every meal at Gunbae begins with a Korean drinking game that includes a complimentary shot of soju. And since we all have that one friend who insists on being the meat master, this is the time to roast the master while the master roasts the meat. GUNBAE!


Deeply rooted in Italian traditions, Extra Virgin serves regionally-inspired food punctuated by our handmade pasta. From shared antipasti to fresh pasta, you’ll worship the carb gods as any good vacation begs of you — but in a culinary experience as rich in culture as it is in flavor. Try the grilled meats, taste the seafood, then get some homemade gelato from the Affogato cart. Top it off with a traditional Italian aperitivo to help get your night started... or a digestivo to make it complete.


Specially designed for the boundary-pushing tastebuds onboard, the laboratory-like Test Kitchen is both an eatery and an unconventional cooking school. Inspired by Escoffier's Ma Cuisine, its evolving, chef-driven tasting menus are presented as an ingredient list — but the cooking techniques, presentation, and flavors are explored in ways you've never seen. With innovative and experiential classes like Mixology and coffee labs, you’ll try different methods and components for unique results.

Wait, there’s (a lot) more! - WE TOLD YOU THERE’S 20+ EATERIES WAITING FOR YOU

Virgin Voyages has replaced the traditional dining options with an array of mouthwatering eateries always included so that you don’t have to eat the same thing in the same place with the same people you don’t even know every day.

The Galley

The Galley is your go-to for a quick bite, meal, or pick-me-up throughout the day. Featuring a mix of shops and food-truck-style carts, each spot has a unique concept with signature dishes that change to suit the time of day. The Galley boasts (takes a deep breath before reading an impressively long list) a dedicated bakery and pastry shop, a panini shop, a burger grill, a taco shack, a sushi bar with bento boxes, a noodle bar, a soup and salad stand, and a 24-hour American diner. And exhale.

The Dock

Featuring the same Mediterranean-inspired menu as its indoor counterpart, The Dock brings you the ultimate in lounging with the wind in your hair and the sun (optionally) on your face. Like an elegant cabana caught between the chill, seaside perfection of Ibiza and the rustic-chic resorts of Brazil, The Dock allows you to kick back and sip from our rosé or spritzer menu and leisurely indulge in mezze bites until your next adventure calls.

The Dock House

An effortlessly elegant yet cozy counterpart to the view-focused scene outside, The Dock House delivers bright flavors with live acoustic sounds. Enjoy some flame-grilled skewers or bites like house-made pita and dips from the roving Mezze cart. Detox with a fresh-pressed juice, retox with Mediterranean-inspired cocktails, or peruse the selections of our rosé and spritzer program. Part elegant Ibiza cabana, part rustic-chic resort — The Dock House is always full-on delicious grazing all day.

The Social Club

The Social Club is an ode to carnival classics both in fare and in spirit. From fairground staples like pretzels and hotdogs to modern takes on milkshakes and floats (which can be spiked with a lil booze for an adult-friendly upgrade), our signature drinks and treats are just as photogenic as they are stacked high with cookies, frosting, and candy. But it's not call it “social” for nothing — this dinner is perfect for playing a good game of air hockey, shuffleboard, foosball, and more.

The Pizza Place

No pre-cooked pizza slices sitting under warming lamps here. At The Pizza Place, you have complete control over your pie — from the dough to the cheese, a little cracked pepper, a little ricotta, and any other topping you want… Or you can just choose from the class menu and lounge on the hammocks outside. Featuring a beach club-inspired design with white and pastel-colored furniture and navy-striped accent pillows, this spot is a perfect late-night, post-drink, hunger-buster go-to.

Lick Me Till… Ice Cream

Virgin’s whimsical ice cream shop harks back to warm summer nights spent in family-run parlors — if the scoops were complementary and our onboard talent ran the joint. With six home (er... ship) made flavors to choose from and a featured flavor announced in theatrical fashion by our fabulous Happenings cast every day, our scoop shop is the perfect stop for a mid-day or late-night snack. Vegan? Don't worry — they have you covered.

Finally, in case we’ve missed you with any of the previous 20+ options...


The solution for midnight cravings. Or 3 am cravings. Whenever you get them, really.

Forget cold, soggy dishes covered in plastic wrap that'll end up being tossed away. Virgin Voyages caters far more than just food — they curate an elevated experience. Whether you don't feel like wearing pants, would rather have a candlelight dinner, or feel like waking up to a pre-scheduled brunch at your door, our 24-hour food delivery service is just a tap on your Virgin Voyages app away.

So, if you’ve made it this far then I’m sure you realize that if you eat...Virgin Voyages has pretty much covered everything anyone could possible want in a meal or snack!

Dapper Dreams Travel would love to get you on board one of Virgin Voyages fabulous Lady Ships so you can make ship happen! Reach out to the Dapper Dream Team and we’ll get to work for you!



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