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meet Melissa


I am from Collinsville, Illinois. In addition to teaching German, I am a healer, channeler, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. I host Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, a weekly podcast dedicated to improving lives and deepening spirituality. I am the author of Beautifully Broken, the spiritual woman’s guide to thriving after a divorce or break up. I am a single mother of twins who is passionate about travel, education, and family.


I have spent years planning Disney trips for my family. We have traveled extensively to Disneyland in California, Disneyworld in Florida, and we even had the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris.


We have had so many beautiful memories traveling throughout the years. Travel brought us so much closer. I have also organized and led several groups to Europe, and I understand the frustration when your vacation doesn’t go as planned.


I will make it my mission to do my best to ensure that you get the vacation that you deserve. To travel is to open doors to new worlds, and I hope that you will let me be the guide for your next adventure that awaits you!


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